Re: Hands On Clinic at Cocoa Beach 2008

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Brian Carlson writes:

"Um Mike, year one was a 40' KCS car. I have one sitting nearby, actually

I wasn't too clear...even to me and I wrote it. I meant that out of every three REAL frt cars, one was a Pennsy car...or so it seems. Thus, we should expect to find a Pennsy car pretty in now.

"Brian J Carlson P.E. (Who can't attend Cocoa, cause he spent too much in

Probably a common malady. However, not my fault. Those that DO attend Cocoa Beach will be presented the pleasure of 70� temps and the first models of the SC&F STC tank cars...I hope.

Mike Brock...Damn. Temps will be down to 55� tonight. Probably freeze the pipes. The dead of winter.

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