Re: USRA Dwg. No. Scheme


The US Standard drawings appear to be USRA numbers, not Standard
Steel Car drawing numbers as listed below. However, these numbers may
provide a link between commercial and government drawings so thanks
for the help. I will check our SSC drawings to seee if we have those.
In an email from Guy Wilber, 9 drawing numbers were listed, one of
them, #1241 for a 70-ton truck (Mar 8 1918) was in one of the two
tubes. If anyone has a copy of the "ARA Car Construction Committee",
circa 1921 or thereabouts, I would be very pleased to have a copy
made for the Pullman Library, cost to be reimbursed. In return, I
will be able to collate all drawing numbers and will make them
available. Keep in mind that we must charge for drawing copies
as this makes it possible to continue to improve storage for these
documents. As an example of one general drawing, I found in one of
the tubes (we have many) the "General Plan - 50 ton composite gondola
car". The same tube also contains lettering for standard cars. I hope
this helps members of the STMFC interested in these car types.
Ted Anderson, curator
Pullman Library
Illinois Railway Museum
P. O. Box 427
Union, IL 60180

--- In STMFC@..., Roger Hinman <rhinman@...> wrote:

I didn't go through all the Std Steel drawings in Harrisburg but I
show the following from the box car list

42649 for a DS boxcar to the USG in 1919
42450 for a SS boxcar to the USG in 1919

I presume these are both USRA cars; don't know if this helps or
but it might get you in the number range

Roger Hinman

On Dec 4, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Ted Anderson wrote:

I am beginning to look into the rolls of US Standard original
at the IRM Pullman Library for the 1917-1919 era. Can anyone tell
there is a listing of USRA drawing numbers somewhere? That could
me a lot of time in going through the drawings, which include both
domestic and export freight and passenger cars. Seeing the posts
Carmer uncoupling reminded me to ask, which I happened to see on
Haskell & Barker drawing this week in working on a request. Always
trying to work on these listings as time allows- Ted Anderson.

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