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what color would I paint the Oxygen & Acetylene tanks used in the
repair of Steam Era Freight Cars?

There was an ANSI standard adopted in 1954 for proper marking and
labeling of tanks: Marking Portable Compressed Gas Containers to
Identify the Material Contained, ANSI Z48.1. It was revised in 1970
and again in 1992 I believe. Not sure if older ANSI docs show up at
used book vendors, eBay, etc.

Also, here is a link to circa 1970 US Army standard for color coding
pipes and tanks. Page 21 makes reference to commercial-owned
cylinders. The Army's color coding scheme is rather complicated, but
it looks as if there may be some cross-over to private sector
practices based on STMFC posts.

Finally, here is a link to a DOE Hanford site document with some
government standards on tank marking. It is a more recent document,
but (again) based on others' postings here, there appears to be some
cross-over to vendor-owned cylinders.

John Hile
Blacksburg VA

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