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jim peters

Denny or anyone else . . .

I share in the obsession, but my thought was to fabricate the bracket in etched brass. To date I have made one inquiry about the do-ability and cost . . . with a "I don't have the time" response.

My thinking was, the etched brass part would allow variance in mounting to the car and with a short piece of .006" brass wire partially wrapped around the air hose (brass of coarse) could be soldered to the other end of the bracket, giving the appearance of a U-Bolt attachment.

If anyone on the group is experienced in the brass etching process, I have all the dimensions worked out and would like to discuss the project further . . . on or off the list.

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC

To: STMFC@yahoogroups.comFrom: danspach@macnexus.orgDate: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 09:14:41 -0800Subject: [STMFC] Re:Air hoses and brackets...

A few weeks ago, we were discussing Denny's obsession with air hose>brackets.H-mm. Great interest, yes; but obsession.... :-) ?Well, it ain't over until its over. Courtesy of one of our own List members, I do have some very fine CAD drawings for a very doable good looking but secure HO air hose bracket, which I have presented to PSC for consideration for brass casting. The cost of making a master or pattern is beyond belief, but if a brass pattern can be fabricated (+8% to account for shrinkage), they will do it. If the same pattern is made from resin or wax, they can also do it, but only for very short runs.IMHO, resin or styrene brackets simply do not cut it because there is no way to make them sturdy enough to withstand the most casual handling over any period of time, especially with the relatively stiff brass air hoses (be careful what you wish for!).My intention has been to attempt making a brass pattern, but I am totally preoccupied with other pressing matters that will not let up until mid January :-( .All of this said, the appearance of our prototype freight cars, either individually or en train, is so dramatically improved by the routine inclusion of these details that it is worthy of the effort.Although I am not standing in a trench on this issue, I am much interested that this problem be solved right here in the USA, not China.Denny-- Denny S. Anspach, MDSacramento

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