Re: PRR freight car color

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

ed_mines wrote:
Zinc chromate orange is suggested for the "freight car red" shade of PRR
freight cars.

In the yard photo on Ted's callendar for 2007, the end of what appears
to be a PRR GS gon looks to me what I'd call "coco chocolate brown".
Anyone else agree?
Ed, before carrying on in detail about this, you should read the "Paint Committee" discussion in the on-line Keystone Modeler issue for July, 2007. It addresses your question and much more. Incidentally, I applaud the PRR Society for doing this kind of committee work, and how much better off would we all be if more societies did likewise. OTOH, this may remove one of the handiest ways to stir up a pack of SPFs: innocently ask, just what WAS Freight Car Color, and stand back for the onset of fisticuffs.

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