Re: USRA Drawings


The 30-inch wide US Standard drawings printed on linen drawing paper
that I have examined thus far have no other drawing numbers or
references on the drawings themselves. Instead, there may be a 70 ton
gondola general drawing for example. An underframe and brake
equipment drawing would likewise have "70 ton gondola car" in the
title line of that second drawing, identifying it with the
corresponding general drawing. Drawings might be also for
trucks,stenciling standards, lettering for specific lines, cross
section, and framing; of course more categories may exist. The
passenger car drawings go into much more detail. I hope this helps -
Ted Anderson

--- In STMFC@..., "Kurt Laughlin" <fleeta@...> wrote:

A question to anyone who has seen these: Did the drawing practices
of the time include a "USED ON" block or similar reference to the
next higher assembly? If so this, in combination with the parts list
that gives what detail pieces and subassemblies are used on this
drawing, would be very useful for cataloging.


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