Freight car color, in general

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That said, FCC did change over the years, becoming rather darker and
browner during the fifties - I don't know quite when this happened so
perhaps one of the PRR experten can weigh in here?

Those of us interested in the Soo Line have noticed the same color
shift, in about the same time period; 1956 – 1958 to be precise. This
has always been attributed to the changeover to synthetic pigments. I
don't know why the synthetic pigments couldn't be made to match the
previous color; perhaps they could have been, at greater expense.

What is most interesting is what happened to the first of the
synthetic paint re-paints about ten or fifteen years down the road.
Some turned purple. Some turned pink. Some just shed their paint in
sheets, leaving entire side panels as bare rusty metal. The poor
performance of this paint leads me to believe that the whole reason
for the change was economics, and not one cent was spent to try to
match the previous iron oxide color.


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