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Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 15, 2007, at 7:44 PM, jerryglow2 wrote:

What is the car on the right of this photo:

The first few digits of the car number are not visible and I'm not
familar enough with SF cars to ID it.
It was an Fe-21 class 50' single door box car, ATSF 7368, rebuilt in
1940 for auto parts service from a 1928 Fe-S class double wood sheathed
composite automobile car. Note the National B-1 truck. There were 50
Fe-21s numbered 7350-7399. They were originally intended to be double
door auto cars with end doors and because the order wasn't changed
until the rebuilding process was well along, the first five cars, ATSF
7350-7354, were rebuilt with end doors, as were the Fe-22 and Fe-23
class double door auto cars which followed later in the year. As it
happens, I have a photo of ATSF 7369, the next car in the series, at
the time it was rolled out of the Topeka shops in November, 1940. All
of the Fe-21s had "Grand Canyon Line" slogans on the right side, early
style 50' straight line maps on the left.

Richard Hendrickson

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