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Stokes John

"Despatch," older spelling, same as "dispatch," current usage, means simply "to send off or out promptly, usually on a specific errand or official business," or as a noun, "efficient speed; promptness," according to my dictionary. The Spanish and Old French spelling had an "e" while the Italian uses an "i". The term was apparently in vogue in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in railroading for obvious reasons.

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i have seen "despatch" applied to railroad names as A.C.D. and to rolling stock. what is the origin and use?of "despatch" within railroading?? thanks Jim Young@...>To: STMFC@...: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 3:19 amSubject: [STMFC] Re: ORER abbreviation questionThanks to Lou Whiteley and Frank Valoczy for explaining that A.C.D. is an abbreviation for Atlantic Coast Despatch.Best wishes, Larry OstreshLaramie, Wyoming__________________________________________________________More new features than ever. Check out the new AOL Mail ! -

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