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GENTLEMAN: For our modeling time frame(my own railroad is set in Maine
1960))which of the ready to run(bad hands and weak eyes)in HO would be
the best 50 ft(or 60ft)flat car for TOFC use...
Joel Norman... Eastern Maine Rly
A couple of references to check out:
Morning Sun, Northern New England Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
1) pages 22 and 25. Photos of BAR refrigerated trailers, one on a rebuilt BAR flatcar.
2) page 34. BM 5205. A 50-foot TOFC flatcar
3) page 37. B&M TOFC trailer
4) page 53. MEC TOFC trailer
Morning Sun, BAR in Color. page 103. A pair of BAR TOFC trailers on a TTX flatcar.
(Athearn offers these in this BAR scheme)

There are other references too if you do some searching for BAR photos. I found one of
the later BAR trailers on a 50-foot (ex-PRR) Trailer Train flatcar.

I have done models of a few of this for a friend who models Maine/New Hampshire in the
late 1950's/early 1960's. The 50-foot TTX cars can be done from the Bowser F30 kit.
This is a great option for someone modeling this era and doesn't want to run the long TTX
cars on tighter curves. The B&M TOFC flatcar was quite easy to do (you could just reletter
one of the old Revell/Con-Cor TOFC flatcars). The BAR TOFC flatcar was extensively
kitbashed from a Life-Like 53-foot gon (a very involved project). Athearn offers the BAR
trailer and I have built one of the BAR refrigerated trailers and one MEC trailer as well.

Microscale makes a decal set for the TTX flatcars which includes data for the F30 50-foot
cars. I used CDS N-scale sets to get the small heralds needed for the BAR and B&M
flatcars. Also, Don Haffield makes decals for a lot of TOFC trailers. Try searching for his
name or check out the greatdecals website. Someone on this list may have a direct url for
him. Feel free to chime in with other suggestions.

Craig Wilson
who can't resist a modeling project challenge

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