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Posted by: "Gatwood, Elden J SAD" On digging out more of my discussion notes, I came across some I had written
up several years ago on additives, as was curious if you all could ID what
roads they might have been generated on, and what types of cars they might
have been shipped in.

Soda Ash, calcium carbide, silica sand, fluorspar (spar)?

I believe the main use of silica sand is in glass making. It moves in covered hoppers. You can't move anything in an open top car when contamination might be a problem, which it is not for coal and construction aggregates. There is a bottle plant near here that receives lots of it. Mainly in CSX and Winchester & Western cars - small cars, it's heavy stuff.

Soda ash could be a problem in open cars unless you move it only on sunny days. It has 6/7 the solubility of table salt.

As for CaC2, looking in Wiki at its uses, maybe open or covered cars depending on the use. Same for fluorspar. If it's going into a blast furnace, dirt picked up along the road may not matter, but when it's chmical feedstock, then purity may be critical.

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