Re: CCBX 501


Back in Feb of '07 Jim B wrote:
Thanks for the info Richard. I didn't really expect the Model
car to be a great model of a specific car. That same green and
car has also been produced by Varney and Mantua/Tyco. I was more
interested in the green and white paint, if there are any photos of
the green and white Union Carbide cars, what they carried, when and
what Carbide plants they served.
Thanks agian.
Jim B.
There is a picture of GATX 76184 in a green with white lettering
"UNION CARBIDE CHEMICALS COMPANY" scheme on page 102 of Bill Marvel's
Santa Fe Vol1 at Richmond California in 1965. The car has heavy
commodity stains, so it may have been in that scheme since the
permissable discussion period. It looks like a 10,000 gallon ICC
103W or similar to me. If any of our GATX & decal experts know of a
good way to model this car, I'd love to do one too. Once again a
need for a nice dome platform add on part!

Olin Dirks,
Omaha, NE

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