Re: Cranberries

Richard Townsend

Oh, give him a break!? He was just trying to cran as many puns into one message as he could.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Help! Isn't there something in the "bylaws" of the STMFC against bad puns?
Shouldn't Jerry be put in the dungeon for such virtual abuse? Save us Mike
the Moderator!!!!

Joe Binish

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I find that L&HR handled 250-400 cars per year of cranberries
originating on the New Haven in 1946-1950. This comes from L&HR
annual traffic reports.

It appears that these were fresh cranberries. One of the reports
explains that loadings were down that year because market conditions
resulted in berries being attracted to canning operations.

A major shipper named is American Cranberry Exchange, half or more of
the total. No location is given.

I assume that this traffic was seasonal, timed between harvest,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Does anyone have more information? Was this handled in reefers?
Whose? What other connecting roads handled New Haven berries? How
much was the total of berry traffic?

May as well say a few things more and get them off my chest: I'm
looking forward to getting bogged (drum roll) down in detail. Thank
you, berry, berry much.

Jerry Dziedzic
Pattenburg, NJ

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