Re: diluting Barge contact cement

Bob Sterner

Another way to use the MEK-diluted Barge is to apply it to one
surface, let it dry (several minutes), place the parts together, and
then dab with MEK. A secure bond will form in less than a minute in
most cases. This is how Central Valley recommends install rail to
their tie strips. I've started to use the technique on rolling stock
models too. CVT claims that it holds rail to ties for many years. I
hope that's true, otherwise a very large module project of mine has a
shorter life span than I intend!

Bob Sterner

--- In STMFC@..., "jim_mischke" <jmischke@...> wrote:

One time, I had a fruitful discussion with Ted Culotta about an
adhesive application technique .... diluting Barge contact cement
methyl ethyl ketone. It would combine the effectivness of Barge
with the fluidity and wicking action of solvent.

Where does one get methyl ethyl ketone? Is this what Plastruct
solvent is?

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