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Greg Martin wrote:
Product reaching the LA markets were likely seen in PFE or ATSF and some WFEX cars (likely in that order) based on demand. Some might question the SFRD cars with cranberries, but it make perfect sense as I am sure the folks at Western Fruit Express would request that the Santa Fe supply their own cars into the pool to supply their markets, or at?least allow their car to be reloaded towards home roads?once unloaded with fresh Navel?Oranges that ended up in the PNW, equipment sharing was part of the marketing exchange game.
This is an interesting speculation and it would be nice to find evidence. I personally doubt if it happened this way, as the WFE people were responsible to their own roads and would have preferred their own cars. Certainly in other markets served by SFRD and PFE there was no such "market pool" for particular crops, even if such pools did exist for other products.

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