Re: Helper Service- Morrell Reefers

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 20, 2007, at 9:26 AM, Bob Chaparro wrote:

Can anyone provide some help for Vic?


Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

Hi, Has anyone found any photos or drawings of a wood sided Morrell
Reefer. I would like to scratchbuild a couple, since I just found some
decals for these. I know I can probably use an Armour or Swift reefer
as a model for scratchbuilding, but I was hoping to use some prototype
photos or drawings of a prototype to get any special details or
differences Morrel may have had.
Thanks and regards, Vic Bitleris
There's no way to respond to this request without knowing what time
period Vic models, as well as more details about the decal sets he
found. Morrell was perpetually in receivership and, owing to its
weakened financial condition, not only operated reefers under its own
MRX reporting marks but also, at various times, leased cars from Union
Refrigerator Transit under MRUX reporting marks and from the Mather
Stock Car Co. under MORX reporting marks. All of these cars were forty
foot RSMs, so basing a model on an Armour or Swift car (mostly
thirty-six foot reefers) would obviously be a mistake. Furthermore,
the Morell cars were not at all alike in many respects and, in
addition, stenciling styles differed from one car owner to another and
from one era to another. It is essential to know what reporting marks
are in the decal sets as well as what form the Morrell lettering/logo
is in and what the dimensional data shows. It might then be possible
to determine which prototype cars to model. Once that is determined, I
probably have photos which would be helpful.

Richard Hendrickson

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