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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
I share Tony's skepticism about what he aptly terms "an interesting speculation." Obviously, many SFRD and PFE reefers went to New England with loads of western produce, and their owners would have been happy to have them sent back west loaded with cranberries as opposed to having them returned empty.
I can't speak for SFRD on this, but it's not true for PFE in peak harvest season--it was far more important to get the empties back to their own shippers, and westbound loads were most certainly NOT PFE's focus. But the cranberry season is outside the peak PFE harvest season, so I would agree with Richard on this particular case.

But there is no evidence in the SFRD files of any formal pool service agreement, and certainly not of an agreement that required SFRD to provide cars for this traffic. Nor would have such an agreement been needed; since perishable traffic was much heavier eastbound than westbound, there were doubtless empty PFE and SFRD reefers readily available in the area during the Cranberry harvest season.
I think this is correct for New England, but I was mostly responding to Greg's suggestion that SFRD reefers might have been used for the Oregon cranberry harvest. I'm pretty skeptical.

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