Re: NYC mechanical reefer

Tim O'Connor


The lettering and type of car is prototypical. The model does
not exactly match the prototype. Obvious differences include the
roof, ladders, and a different style step under the door. The
model appears to have an 8' door so it may be based on FGEX
and BREX (built by FGE) prototypes while the NYMX cars had a
narrower door. The NYMX 1000-1049 were built in two lots by
Pacific Car & Foundry in 1956. My comments are based on photos
I've seen of the second lot, 1040-1049.

Tim O'Connor

At 12/22/2007 09:35 PM Saturday, you wrote:
Is the MicroTrains mechanical reefer lettered for NYMX prototypical?
Dave Smith

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