Re: Cocoa Beach Shake-Take Kitbash clinic.

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

We've been doing the same at our armor model conventions for around 10 years, for the same reason. We made up 100-120 slip-on extensions for the standard rental banquet table legs out of PVC pipe, and bought a large plastic storage container to haul them around. To my knowlwdge we've never had a problem with splitting, sticking, or toppling.


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Mike Brock tells me that this year many, if not most of the display
tables will be elevated 15-20" above standard table height this year,
IMHO an absolute godsend.

"Being 6 ft 3" tall, I gave serious thought to raising the tables by
3 ft
but thought better when tests revealed that they were a bit top heavy
The sound of one of my Big Boys striking the turf...even the new
in the ball room...was enough to persuade me that 20" is ideal.<G>.

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