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The Santa Fe Painting and Lettering Guide details the Buy War Bonds on ATSF cars. There is a 1945 photo of BX-36 #149149. Another photo in the Santa Fe Modeler shows 148447, also a BX-36, with the slogan. The painting began in September of 1942. 368 cars, all BX-36, received the treatment. An order issued March 11, 1947 was to remove the slogan when the cars came through for painting. "It is safe to assume that some BX-36s survived at least into the early 50s with their.... slogans intact." Athearn produced two numbers of their ATSF box cars with Buy War Bonds on them.

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Did any other railroads have cars with "Buy War Bonds" slogans?

I have photos of a red, white & blue Swifts reefer which I think has
that slogan, A URTX R,W,& B URTX tank car possibly with that slogan and
a R,W & B Erie 4900 series caboose which may have had the slogan.


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