Re: Per Diem

Bill Vaughn

Remember the car only had to be placed and offed for
interchange to get it off you per diem.

Bill Vaughn

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Yes, the midnight rule did apply, but no
one made "special"
midnight moves if they cost much extra; you were
only saving a few
dollars. Of course, if cars were to move to an
interchange track
sometime during the night anyway, you would try
and schedule it for
pre-midnight if it was convenient. But I think
modelers tend to greatly
exaggerate the importance of this detail.
Not exactly true, Tony, although likely more common
on small roads
where car hire was a greater portion of expenses,
and managing it was
easier to do...

For may years the South Shore (C.S.S.& S.B.) ran a
nightly freight
that was known as the "Per diem" Called at Shops
(Michigan City, IN)
in the late evening, its job was to run west to
Burnham Yard just over
the state line in Illinois, gather up all the "east"
cars that the
other industry jobs had brought in throughout the
day, then run like
the wind to have them on the NYC interchange before
midnight. The
South Shore was, of course, relying on the fact that
it's larger
connections couldn't manage their delivery times as
closely to keep
the number of foreign road cars on their line at
midnight lower that
was average during the day, and thus pay less than
their full share of
car hire.


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