Re: What Roads Had This Car?

Rod Miller

Thanks Tony (and Ben for your response).

I'll post photos of the models I need to identify. Probably over the
coming weekend.


Anthony Thompson wrote:

Rod Miller wrote:

Most of the models are described by the features that the model depicts. For example, I have in front me a 50 foot box car described on the box label as: "A.A.R. Double Door Box Car, Murphy Roof, Youngstown Doors, Improved Dreadnaught Ends, and Wooden Roof Walk."
I assume that's a straight-panel Murphy roof. But the combination of features seems anachronistic to me. In 1944, the wooden running board was banned for new construction, and that's about the time the Improved Dreadnaught end came in. Of course a model photo would help, particularly since the number and arrangement of side panels varied from road to road, but I think there may be a narrow range of accurate prototypes for what you describe.
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