Re: MC 17000-18999 (MDT reefer class M4-3)

Jeff English

Since Roger Hinman appears to be away, I will jump in and report from
articles he has authored. The builder was MDT themselves, at the
plant in East Rochester, NY. The built date is circa 1923; I hope
Roger can be more specific about this.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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Can anyone supply basic information (year built, builder) for
Merchants Despatch Transportation reefers class M4-3, built as part
Michigan Central 17000-18999? I would be interested in the year
built, and any notable modifications made over the years.

Any advice of close matches (or stand-ins) for modeling these cars
would be appreciated, too –- in any scale.

My interest stems from the fact that the Ahnapee & Western RR
five of these reefers in 1948 (A&W #3000 on 1948.05.07 and A&W
#3001-3004 on 1948.11.16). A&W #3002 was retired in 1950, and all
were out of service by 1954. They were used in condensed milk
between Evangeline Milk Company in Sturgeon Bay and First National
Stores in Sommersville, Mass.
Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.
The Green Bay Route:

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