Re: VGN Hoppers

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Joel Norman asked:
"I've noticed in all the New England rail books in my library that any
photo of a freight train having a VGN hopper (mostly quad hoppers)..."

First, the Virginian had ZERO quad hoppers. What you saw were triples
or twins. See Frank Bongiovanni's spreadsheet and notes in the group
files section for mre information on the Virginian's hopper fleet.

"...that the lettering is ALWAYS washed out...the photos are (or were
taken) in the late 1940's into middle 1950's. Did this railroad use
low grade paint or was it the nature of the coal (high sulfur?)or just
a poor railroad?"

This is a common weathering pattern for VGN, N&W, and coal hoppers in
general. The "poor railroad" theory is certainly bogus for the
Viriginian and N&W!

"Other then builders photos has any seen photos of this railroads coal
hoppers with the lettering not washed out??"


Ben Hom

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