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Photos of my "mystery cars" have been posted in the Files area under
the folder "What Roads Had These Cars". There is a sub-folder for

Some of the links yahoogroups automatically posted to announce the
new files won't work because I put the wrong photos in one folder
and fixed it, and then made a typo in another folder name and fixed
it. Your best best is to browse the folders manually to find the
photos for which the link doesn't work. The folder names are pretty

The tank car folder includes two "acid dome" versions that are
painted and are waiting for weathering.

Hopefully the collective expertise of this group will be able to
identify appropriate paint schemes for the unpainted cars. For that
I thank all of you very much.

Rod -

I think the steel refrigerator car (PSC#15597) with "steel" roofwalks
is a PFE R-40-20. NP also had similar cars, but theirs may have had
wood roofwalks (not an NP expert!). If so, PSC#15517 is the exact
same car with wood roofwalks, and is also correct for only one of the
PFE R-40-20 cars. Tony's PFE book has the number of that unique car
(book is at home, and I am at work, goofing off).

A.T. Kott

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