Re: What Roads Had This Car?

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 29, 2007, at 5:38 PM, Rod Miller wrote:

Photos of my "mystery cars" have been posted in the Files area under
the folder "What Roads Had These Cars". There is a sub-folder for each

The tank car folder includes two "acid dome" versions that are
painted and are waiting for weathering.
Rod, both cars are painted and lettered according to the instructions
supplied with Champ decals. Unfortunately, the Champ decals and
instructions for theMathieson model were bogus, and therefore the model
in incorrect. None of the ORERs in my collection show a Mathieson tank
car with the number 994, and the decal set is not for an acid car but
for a 6,000 gal. ICC-105 in liquid chlorine service. I would add that
the color is way off; the Mathieson tank car were painted a much darker
olive green. Ca. 1953 Mathieson owned only six 8,000 gal. TA class
cars, and they were numbered 1202-1207. In the absence of a photo,
there's no way to know whether the model is even remotely close to
those prototypes.

I have better news about the Dow Chemical car. DOWX 38321 was a
correct number for one of three 8,000 gal. lined acid tank cars in the
39320-38322 series, and it appears that the Champ decal set was based
on sightings or photos of an actual car. I can't say whether all the
details on the model are correct, but based on other photos of similar
cars, nothing about the model is obviously implausible.

Richard Hendrickson

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