Re: End dates for Speedwitch Wabash SS auto cars

Scott Pitzer

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Scott I think misread the ORER. My July 1957 entry has 3 distinct
entries in
the "Markings and Kind of Cars" column The first is car type, and
for the
Wabash cars in question is either "box" or "auto". The second
column is for
car construction. For the Wabash cars in question, "Staggered
doors, steel
underframe, SS composite body." The third column is for notes.

The way I read the ditto marks for the 47000-47999 (Kit 109.3
ends, Steel doors) are still "Staggered doors, steel underframe, SS
composite body."
Yes, it seems like I got part of it wrong (and I'm glad to find
out.) Only the 45400-46001 fall into the "all steel" category (and
they have 3713 cu.ft. capacity, often a hint of rebuilding to "1937
AAR dimensions")
The 47000-47999 group are just a little smaller (3645 cu.ft.) but the
dittos for their entry seem to lead back up to single sheathed
composite construction.
Scott Pitzer

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