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I went to an NMRA clinic in St Louis or Kansas city, where IIRC Leslie was doing a clinic on weathering brick structures with makeup, the results were extremely good, and very convincing. The great advantage of makeup is that it's meant to stay in place, once you've put a smear or slight dusting on. many of the tips she gave were very good, they including using New Hypodermic needles for drilling plastic, ( a darned sight cheaper than small drills) and all the bits about using makeup and it's accoutrements for model making. I find British cosmetics all appear to be too bright or just the wrong colour. Anyone know of situations that led to pink blush coloured weathering on a freight car?
Regards Philip Dove

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I talked to Leslie Eaton today to clarify her methods. She is a very gifted modeler.

Her choice of cosmetic for weathering is MAC.
She reports that they are highly pigmented, have no glitter, and are extremely stable. You can put a clear seal over them without the effect changing. However, she says she has cars that have been handled in numerous train shows over the past few years that have not had smearing or the weathering wear off.

These are high quality = high cost. But a little goes a long way and lasts forever. In Houston MAC has two dedicated stores and are sold at places like Macy's, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Here are her color suggestions:

Face Powder Blush:
a.. Raizin - rust
b.. Coppertone - lighter rust, often used together with Raizin
Eye Shadow
a.. Charcoal brown - mud spatter, such as 1' on the walls around the base of a building, general weathering
b.. Omega - general brown, lighter than charcoal brown, light dirt
c.. Bisque - lighter still, ballast dust on the lower portion of railcars
d.. Brun - very dark brown/black, oily look, for oil on a concrete floor, dark oily areas on locomotives, tire skid marks
e.. Carbon - matte black
f.. Scene - gray
g.. Greystone - bluish gray, soot from steam locos.

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I was 'shopping' with my wife yesterday and we spent some time in the make up section. While my wife was looking for whatever I noticed a lot of different colored chalks and powers. Has anyone tried these products on their models? You never read about this type of weathering....maybe it's just not manly?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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