Hypodermic needle drills???

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Philip Dove wrote:

I went to an NMRA clinic in St Louis or Kansas city, where IIRC
Leslie was doing a clinic on weathering brick structures with makeup,
the results were extremely good,...
...many of the tips she gave were very good, they including using
New Hypodermic needles for drilling plastic...
Whoa! Let's hear more about this. Are we talking about sharply pointed
needles with the hole in the side of the tapered tip, or ones that
aren't tapered and the hole is in the end? I've used the latter for
drawing liquid samples for analysis, but they've tended to be larger
sizes. And do you spin, or just push the needle through the material?

You learn something new every day. Sometimes two things. I never
thought much about spring planks, now I know what they are. Then this
needle thing.....

Tom Madden

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