Some questions



I just got back from a visit to the National Archives in Canada. A result
of that is an immense addition to my digital collection of photos
(especially in the way of Canadian tank cars), and a number of questions.

I have digital copies of the photos of the cars mentioned, if that will
help with getting answers.

GATX 55589, "Alabama-Georgia Syrup Co", no date.
SOCX 693, "Southern Cotton Oil Co."
Any information on these tank cars would be of interest, especially
colours of the lettering.

DCRR 1318, truss rod gondola
Is this Delray Connecting Railroad? Any idea on the dates of use?

NYP&NRR 3111, looks like a USRA s/s boxcar
What railroad is this?

NADX 10000
Interesting looking reefer, not listed in 1953. Any info would be welcome.

Photos of Philadelphia & Reading 26407, CNJ 63674 and DL&W 82484 show a
truck type I've never seen before. What type is it, and are there any
available in HO?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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