Re: Unknown freight car at Baltimore on M&PA

Des Norman

Hi again,
Just realised that maybe I should have placed this photo on the STMFCP
group instead, so it's now there in the 'Unknown freight car' album.
Apologies for any confusion.
Des Norman

--- In STMFC@..., "Des Norman" <desanorman@...> wrote:

Hi all,
I've just uploaded a photo into 'Unknown freight car' album in the
Photos section (subject to moderator approval).

This has been the subject of some discussion on the Ma&Pa Yahoo group
but with no success. I (and we) would be interested in any light which
this group's knowledgeable members can throw on the subject. I
apologise for the poor quality but this is the best we have.

It would appear that a southbound passenger train has arrived at the
Baltimore terminal and that 0-6-0 #30 is drawing part of the train
back to the enginehouse so that the train engine can follow it in due
course for servicing and turning.

However, the freight car behind #30 cannot be identified by those
expert on the railroad. In particular the 2 horizontal ribs on the
door appear strange. One theory is that it could be a milk car or

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
Des Norman

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