Re: MC 17000-18999 (MDT reefer class M4-3)

Roger Hinman <rhinman@...>

The length of the car is not correct but close

The end had a signature reversed C channel end sill that was
overlapped by the siding at the ends; strapping and vertical supports
were often added during rebuild. This could be done with styrene
strips added to the car

The side would have a Z bar side sill and unique style bolster covers
that could be added to the Accurail

The roof on the Accurail car would best be stripped of the horizontal
battens and a thinner set put on to match the MDT car and their
spacings; there needs to be a taller ice hatch as well as a fascia
overhang; ext

The underframe is a whole different story

Roger Hinman

On Jan 6, 2008, at 12:05 AM, Mark Mathu wrote:

Roger Hinman wrote:

For modeler's where a good paint job is good enough the Accurail or
Bline wood reefers are okay.
What are the shortcomings of the Accurail cars?

The simplified underframe details seems obvious... to my untrained eye
the noticeable thing is the MDT/A&W cars have steel straps at the
corners where the sides and ends meet.. Are there other notable
differences on the ends or roofs of the car?

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.

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