Re: UTLX Type 21 tank cars

Steve and Barb Hile


Richard Hendrickson was kind enoungh to share several photos for this combination with me in the past. The specific numbers included

56022 (Contain type L heaters.)

The first two numbers did not exist in the 1952 roster, so it is unclear when they were acquired by UTLX.

56022 would appear to be part of a block

56000 - 56122

most of which had the type L heaters, all of which were 10,000 gallon cars.

I hope this helps.

Steve Hile

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Lasses and Fellas,
I went on an airbrushing binge today. Since I knew I was going to spray a bunch of black, I built a P2K Type 21 10k gal tank car(undec). Since it is now resplendantly glossy black, I searched my stash and came up with only UTLX decals. Is there an easy referance that can get me to a correct # for one or two UTLX Type 21 10k tank cars?

I have the Champ "Sun Oils" set but am not sure of this sets veracity...

Joe Binish

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