Re: Westerfield CPR Fowler box cars

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--- In STMFC@..., Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...> wrote:

So my question: What cars (number series) do the straight/exposed
crossbearer underframes match with? Did these last in service with
frame design into 1946? Or do I need to modify the frame design to
the cars with tapered section cross bearers?

Thanks in advance

Rob Kirkham
Hi, Rob,

You might want to check the CPSig site and see if any drawings of
these cars have made it through the scanning to the on-line drawing
archives project.

I seem to recall you have already assembled all the data known to man
on these cars. I only have detail photos of one Soo Line version of
this design, which has tapered crossbearers, but this won't help with
your larger question.

I do recall, somewhere in the recesses of distant memory, that these
were very early Westerfield kits, and the floor / underframe was
simply (GASP!) incorrect. But I may be wrong on that.

I will say, the Soo Line cars did have the BOLSTER project a couple
inches below the side sills. but the crossbearers met the bottom of
the sills as would be expected.


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