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Rob & Bev Manley

I did try some of these years ago and although they appear to be good for earthtones they have some mica or glittery elements mixed into them.
I have found some good quality tweezers and decal cutting scissors in the make-up section as well as the Black 2 grit nailboards. The boards are one of my favorite tools for sanding parting lines, nibs and stuff on resin and plastic freight cars.
Yes it is manly,
Rob Manley

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> I was 'shopping' with my wife yesterday and we spent some time in
the make up section. While my wife was looking for whatever I noticed
a lot of different colored chalks and powers. Has anyone tried these
products on their models? You never read about this type of
weathering....maybe it's just not manly?
> Clark Propst
> Mason City Iowa


I bought a heavy duty tweezer at a drug store cosmetics section
several years ago, much stronger than the normal ones, yet smaller and
easier to use than the smallest needle nose pliers in my tool box. I
use emery boards all the time for light filing, too.

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
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