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I think it works with everyone, Ian. But if you have operating sessions,
that "standout" car needs to be different every time (and hopefully
different places in the train). This, of course, allows us to model lots
exotic loads and cars, and store them so as to use them one train at a
No insult intended to the statisticians among us...<vbg>.
We now have a really good excuse to do some serious switching of the train !

On British model railroad exhibitions, a viewer would watch a layout for a
short while, then move on to the next layout (some exhibitions may have
20plus layouts and even more traders), so if sufficient trains are available
in storage, the public only sees that train once during a viewing. Now, I
have seen the rection of younger (and not so young) observers, who then want
to see that special car again and again !

Ian Clasper

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