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Pieter Roos

Select the "Home" button to the left, then "Historical Register of
Chemical Companies" and you are presented with a map, click on the
state you want.

Pieter Roos

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The site covers states from A - M (and apologizes for having no entries
for NC and ND!). How do I get data on VA?


Andy Miller

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As part of the ongoing discussion on where commodities shipped

I was looking for info on one of my favorite oxymoronic tank car names:
"The Philidelphia Quartz Co. of California" (Kaminksi, ACF, p95)...

...and found a most useful list: Historical chemical companies
listed by State/City...

So... there is a good chance that PQCX 111 and 112 -must- have headed
for Berkeley, CA on the SP Mulford line!

[Please refrain from comment about tank car loads of Oxy-Morons...]

Richard Brennan - San Leandro
MP 17.8 (Robert) on the SP Mulford Line

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