Re: Rock Island Decals for Steel Rebuild of USRA DS Boxcar


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The RI Emblem (herald to some) on Steam Era (and later) boxcars was more
like 4 feet six inches across, making the Champ separate herald decal still

The ones that I sell and the ones in the Sunshine kit are correctly sized.


When Martin was first getting rolling with Sunshine he would sometimes offer
decals, and a couple of times I sent in requests with car orders. Haven't
dealt with him a long time, though, but I'm glad to hear that he's
re-releasing the Rock Island rebuilds as the ends were correct for a small number of
Lackawanna rebuilds of wood-sided cars into steel autocars.

Does anyone know if Martin is going to Springfield, Mass., end of this month?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Del Vecchio

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