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Bless you forever: You make those custom cars that others understandably cannot economically do.


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I'm glad to report that the long-anticipated S scale CofG ventilated boxcar
started production last week. 1-pc body, underframe and detail sheet
castings are being made while pilot model construction is finalized. The
pilot is done except for doors and painting/lettering, which will be done by
week's end. Instructions will follow and shipments will start next week.
Once the pilot model is completed, the current web page will be revised (it
now shows the HO version offered exclusively thru the CGRHS).

It's not to late to order your kit(s) from the first batch. While this kit
will be a stock item for some time to come, once the initial orders are
filled plus a few spares, future orders will be gathered until there are
enough to justify pulling molds for another run. Get 'em while you can.
$76 postpaid covers a complete kit, including trucks, couplers and ALPS
decals ($70 postpaid is less t&c). Contact me off list if using a credit
card. Otherwise, you can order via PayPal directly from my web site (see
link below) or mail a check/money order to the address shown on the "Place
Order" page.

I greatly appreciate everyone's patience with me on this project. Several,
rush jobs from my industrial customers during the past 6 months have pushed
most modeling aside. Also, many new drawings and photos were provided by
the CGHS while the CAD files were being created, further delaying the
project, but I hope you agree that the wait was worth it.

The next 2 kits will be the Southern Ry. 41' flat car, applicable from 1926
to the late 80s in MOW service, and Southern's revolutionary mostly-aluminum
"Silverside" coal gon, running from 1960 to about 4 years ago in at least 5
paint schemes. This will be our first "modern" car but others will follow.
Future kits now in the info-gathering stage include the SAL B7 "turtleback"
boxcar, B&O wagon top boxcar, C&O high side/oval end gon and Milwaukee's 40'
ribbed side boxcar.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

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