Re: Paint shelf life?

Bob Sterner

I'm not the fastest modeller in the world and and thus I always seem
to have lots of old paint that I can no longer use. I have been
fantasizing about having compressed nitrogen at my work bench so that
I could replace the atmosphere in opened paint with N2. I believe
(though don't know for certain) that this would dramatically improve
shelf life. Unfortunately, even a small cylinder ("lecture bottle")
is > $100, at least as far as I've been able to determine. If this
is a valid technique, commercial paint shops should already be on to
it. Anyone heard of anything like this?

Bob Sterner

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A couple of years ago the LHS I worked at had some Modelflex
set up in
the bottle. Badger replaced it. IIRC Accuflex was the precursor to
and it was taken off the market due to some of the problems that
you relate.
Sorry, but I don't know what to do to rectify your problem.
Chuck Hladik

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