Re: Paint shelf life?

Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

I painted with both Floquil and Scalecoat about a month back. So
that's what I smell when Scalecoat is drying. It smelled like linseed
oil, but I didn't think it could be used in a "model" paint.
Interesting that they'd use it in a lacquer. Perhaps that's why it goes
through an airbrush so well?

Floquil is everyone's old standby, what with the problems many
including myself have spraying Modelflex. Tamiya stuff sprays far
easier than Modelflex. I have made new liners out of thick plastic
from water bottle packaging. The jury's still out on these.

Steve Lucas.

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Some reactive coatings like
traditional Scalecoat smell for weeks; the smell is linseed oil which
reacts with oxygen like an old fashioned paint.

I found that traditional Floquil lasted a lot longer if the circular
plastic seal on top of the bottle was put back intact. I many have
bought some replacement seals.

Ed Mines

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