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Hello everyone,

Just a few questions concerning the paint and lettering for some
Wabash, 50ft double door boxcars, series WAB 20300-20949.
photos can be found at:

1. These cars were built in 1957. Does anyone know which months?

2. As built, were the roof and running boards painted, and if so,
what colors?

3. Was the underbody painted the same as the carbody?

4. As the photos indicate, the cars were painted with the heart
and the "Serving the Heart of America" slogan. I'd like to use Mark
Vaughan's Wabash decals for the lettering, but which set is correct?

While not a paint and lettering question, I was surprised to see
WAB 20485 had a Champion brakewheel, rather than the Miner
I expected. Were the Champion brakewheels standard for this car


The cars were built in 1957 by GATC. 500 cars were built with 28'-0"
floor plates and 250 with nailable steel floors. All the cars were
XM's when new.

Month built
20300-20309 May

20310-20576 June
20581-20587 "
20650-20735 "

20577-20580 July
20588-20649 "
20736-20949 "

Body and trucks Wab #10 Red An oxide red
roof and u/f Black. Not sure about the running boards.
The Wabash painted roofs the same color as the body until the mid
1950's, then changed to black.

Mark Vaughn's E-3 set letters these cars.

The heart and "Serving the Heart of America" slogan was used on only
new 40' and 50' box cars and automobile cars built or purchased from
1956 through 1960.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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