Re: Athearn C&NW 65 ft mill gon

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Gene Green asked:
"I assume from Richard Hendrickson's post on this gondola that there
is an actual prototype for the Athearn 65 ft. gon.

What might that prototype be?

When were gons of this length and general design first built?"

Gene, message #s 52866, 52495, and Richard Hendrickson's article in
the February 2006 issue of Railroad Model Journal should answer all
your questions.

"The paint schemes I have seen in ads and on Athearn's web site all
seem "modern" for this group. Has anyone tried to strip the paint on
one and reletter it?"

Speedwitch offers some very nice decals to correctly reletter these
cars for L&N, NC&StL, Wabash, and Seaboard

"From earlier posts on the Eastern Car Works gondola kit I infer that
the Athearn gon is not correct for the PRR G26. Right or wrong."

You are correct. The Athearn gon is most definitely NOT a Class G26

Ben Hom

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