Re: Athearn C&NW 65 ft mill gon

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Thanks go to Garth Groff & Ben Hom for answering my questions on the
Athearn 65 ft. gondola. It is an intriguing model, I think, but it
won't fullfill my need.

PRR 440575, which I believe was a G26 gon, was set out at Helena,
Minnesota because of a hot box. The car was carrying a "steel triple
load" and was accompanied by ATSF 97473 and CGW flat car 3775. I
assume the Santa Fe car was a flat also. I'm not sure whether "steel
triple load" refers only to what was being hauled or whether it means
that 3 cars were involved. I envision a drop end gon with some sort of
load of steel longer that the car and overhanging part of a flat car on
either end. Just seems like it might be an interesting combination to
run occassionally. ... though I'm not too sure how a 65 ft gon would
look on my 24 inch radius curves.

Gene Green
Out in the west Texas town of El Paso

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