another source of scale scrap

James Mischke <jmischke@...>

I have been progressing through a trio of Speedwitch Duryea
underframes for Red Caboose boxcars as B&O class M-26d.

Doing things in threes means either I learn from mistakes on the
first one, or make three consecutive mistakes for fleet uniformity.

My beedy eyes noticed that the resin flash between parts is
perfect sheet metal scrap. Thin. Stiff. Flat. Holds paint.
Does not cut flesh unless provoked.

The first 1000 rectangular shards were done by hand on a block
of wood with an exacto blade. Then I remembered I had a
Northwest Shortline "Chopper" and made a billion more.

I tried to keep the size down to two-three scale feet in any
dimension, processed scrap needs to fit into the furnace mouth.
I made some attempt at orthagonality, but not always.

I hope someone finds this idea inspiring.

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