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In your post from a month ago, Mark you mentioned C&BT kits 10'-6" IH,
12-pnl boxcar. Looking at Walthers "Reference" book, I see 3 different kit
numbers listed (193-13500, -10500, -11300) . . . it was my understanding most of
C&BT's later efforts are more like "Blue-Box" wanna-be's. The question is are
any of the kit number above the older style kit with separate ladders,
grabs, etc? All I really want is the body shell/s.


C&BT on the advice of several well known modelers changed from separate
grabs, ladders etc. to molded on parts by recuting the dies. Once the ladders,
grabs etc, were cut into the dies, there was no going back without making all
new dies. All boxcars produced since that fateful time, have the details
molded on.

Rich Orr

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