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How does the C&BT compare to the Intermountain 12-panel? Is there some
difference that makes the C&BT the only choice for this application?


Elden Gatwood


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Sorry for the late respose,

In your post from a month ago, Mark you mentioned C&BT kits 10'-6" IH, 12-pnl
boxcar. Looking at Walthers "Reference" book, I see 3 different kit numbers
listed (193-13500, -10500, -11300) . . . it was my understanding most of
C&BT's later efforts are more like "Blue-Box" wanna-be's. The question is are
any of the kit number above the older style kit with separate ladders, grabs,
etc? All I really want is the body shell/s.

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC

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GN 20500-21449

Mark,Here's some info that may help you out:3) All in this series had the 5
panel Superior Door.5) Build date for series 20500 - 21499 is 1952.6) Yup -
that's original paint. Consider also Microscale 87-185.For
references:Mainline Modeler - 9/85, 11/2001, 12/2001RMJ - 10/1998 IIRC, the
Mainline articles are your better bet - the RMJ article was mostlyabout a
Duane Buck customization of an Intermountain 10' 12 panel car, butmight have
had photos of the 10' 6" car.Best starting point - C&BT 10'6" 12-panel car*
with 4/3/1 ends. Throw awaythe details and replace with appropriate details
from Plano, Branchline,etc.* At some point in the past there was discussion
of Branchline bringing outa 10' 6" 12-panel car. I'm not aware of this
happening, but if it did, itmight well be a better choice.Ping me if you need
more.Best regards,Steve HaasSammamish, WA


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