Re: Harold K. Vollrath

Tim O'Connor

An important factor in pulling detail out of shadows is
the scanner's "dynamic range". You can find inexpensive
scanners now with a DR above 3.2, which is very good. But
note that DR claims can be deceiving --

Tim O'Connor

At 1/18/2008 01:38 AM Friday, you wrote:
I take your points Rufus, My comment arises from my experience with
prints - and scanning them at very high resolution to identify tiny details
in the background - often freight cars in a yard of interest. I have found
that a 30 or 50 year old black and white print will provide a lot more
information when blown up that way than will the typical 8x10 print I buy
from the local archives. I suspect that is simply because they scan at 300
dpi, and it isn't sufficient for those tiny details....

Rob Kirkham

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