Re: NYC Trailer Train Prototypes

Jeff English


Your friend is absolutely correct. The Pacemaker trailers were used
for local pick-up and delivery in association with the box-car based,
expedited LCL service that the Pacemaker name promoted. LCL
shipments that started and/or ended their trip in a highway trailer
were resorted and loaded into box cars dedicated to Pacemaker
Service. During that period (1946-circa1954) NYC was not operating
any TOFC that I'm aware of.

When NYC did get into intermodal later (about 1960-ish?), it was
FlexiVan, not conventional TOFC.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

--- In STMFC@..., Justin Kahn <harumd@...> wrote:

I recently bought one of the full-scale Lionel trailer on flat car
sets, intending to convert it to two-rail. The trailers are painted
very nicely in the Pacemaker scheme, but another O scaler is pretty
sure that they were never used in train service. Who has definitive
information on that?

Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

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