2,600 Cu. Ft. Airslide Cars 1953-1959

Ed Hawkins

I am researching information for an upcoming series of articles in RP CYC on 2,600 Cu. Ft. Airslide covered hopper cars built from 1953 through 1959. I've been able to locate a good selection of photos and data on most railroad-purchased Airslide cars, but there are a few that I lack as follows.

KCS 5100-5109 (built 1959).

MILW 97000-97049, 97050-97149, 99866-99900, 99951-99965, and 99966-99980 (built 11-54 to late 1958).

MKT 16-35 (built 12-58?).

Please contact me off-list at hawk0621@... if you have information and/or publishable photos (taken no later than the early 1960s) and are willing to assist me. Information contained on freight car diagrams on these cars would be useful in determining the appliances. Thank you in advance.
Ed Hawkins

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